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    Бочковський Роман
    Novosel Vadym
    Melykhova Tetiana
    Dunaevsky Valentine
    Stepin Aleksey
    Kamelkov Yevhen
    Serui Valery
    Циркаль Юрій
    Шилков Володимир
    Stakhura Bohdan
  • Аматорский  турнир БК
    Аматорский турнир БК "Лидер" по свободной пирамиде (только АМАТОРЫ)

Welcome to Pyramid Shot Online service for pyramid billiards tournaments and stats

Pyramid Shot is the powerful online web service, with the main goal to provide an easy way to hold pyramid billiards tournaments. Service has a large players/coaches/referees database with full statistics and tournaments history.

It's open for any federations or regional organizations to join! Feel free to contact us via email info@pyramidshot.com or by phone +380665675857

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